Fusion Bionic and MOEWE initiate closer collaboration

Fusion Bionic, a spin-off from Fraunhofer IWS, is happy to announce the start of a strategic cooperation with MOEWE Optical Solutions GmbH, a leading manufacturer of polygon-based laser microprocessing systems.
Both companies are joining forces to enable ultra-high-speed systems for surface processing and functionalization.

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MOEWE wins Prof. Detlev Müller startup prize 2021

For the fourth time already, the “Prof. Detlev Müller startup prize” was awarded. Prof. Detlev Müller – company owner of prostartup, Sven Wähner – key account manager engineering/ automotive at IMM electronics GmbH as well as Prof. Dr. André Streek and Madlen Rabe of MOEWE Solutions GmbH were linked live to the organizers and guests of the founder regulars at ITZ. The “high-tech startup” MOEWE Solutions GmbH was able to convince with its laser competence. Director Prof. Dr. André Streek surprised everyone attending, by doubling the 1000 EUR prize money and pledged to donate it to Erucula e.V., a Mittweida club, that wants to invest the money in its recreational vehicle “Freizeit-Franz”.