The foundation of MOEWE Optical Solutions GmbH goes back to research work of the Innoprofile junior research group “Rapid Microtooling with laser-based processes” (2006-2011). At that time, group leader Robby Ebert had the idea of using new single mode fiber laser sources of high power for micro processing. This required an extremely high deflection speed, which only polygon mirror scanners can provide. Sascha Klötzer was involved in controlling the devices from the very beginning. A practical use of analog controlled devices turned out to be difficult. For this reason, Andrè Streek developed a new type of device with fully digital control and a novel optical solution from 2013. From 2016 the research group agreed to pursue only this solution. At this time, the idea of founding a company together was also born, as the first demand for the devices came from industry.

After a successful search for an investor, MOEWE Optical Solutions GmbH was founded in 2018. By the settlement of the company at the Laser Institute University of Applied Sciences Mittweida, on the basis of a cooperation agreement with the university, all possibilities of modern laser technology can be used. In cooperation with LIM, Laserinstitut Mittelsachsen GmbH, our devices can also be used to carry out application tests for customers.

Through an exclusive purchase and license agreement with the University of Applied Sciences Mittweida, MOEWE Optical Solutions GmbH has taken over the know-how on polygon mirror scanners available at the university as well as the property rights for the unique multiple-reflecting polygon mirror and for the control of the device.

Already in 2019 the first pilot series of industrial devices was realized. The first devices will be delivered to customers at the end of the year.

MOEWE Optical Solutions GmbH is a young and dynamic company. Our international team has a proven expertise in laser technology, optics, mechanics and digital electronics.