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Participation at Laserstammtisch Mittweida, 28.03.2023

Since 2011, the Laserinstitut Mittelsachsen e.V. organizes the “Laserstammtisch” (Laser Regulars’ Table), which takes place several times a year. The aim here is to promote cooperation between the various regional laser experts. Our head of research and development. Dr. Florian Rößler, will present our polygon scanner and give a lecture on the topic on 28.03.2023. More information about the Laserinstitut Mittelsachsen e.V. and the Laserstammtisch can be found under the following link.


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Aperam Ventures invests in Moewe Optical Solutions GmbH

Aperam, a global player in stainless steel, electrical steel and specialty steel, has invested in our company, Moewe Optical Solutions GmbH, since 2021. Aperam supports bold founders and high-performing teams with its venture capital fund “Aperam Ventures”. As a strategic investor, Aperam looks for companies that can simultaneously support the growth trajectory of Aperam itself, in addition to building meaningful and impactful relationships with exceptional entrepreneurs. For more information on “Aperam Venture” visit the following link:



Demonstration of unique MOEWE realtime synch-technology in cooperation with LHM and Edgewave GmbH

In collaboration with Laserinstitut Hochschule Mittweida and our partner Edgewave GmbH, we were able to show for the first time, the increase of speed during laser processing, through the intelligent linking of polygon scanners. To do so, we invented and patented a special controlling system, having the scanners work perfectly in tune with each other. The prerequisite for this was our powerful self-developed motor, since irregularities have to be compensated for at high speed in order to achieve synchronization at several 1,000 revolutions per minute in an acceptable time.

The company Edgewave supplied a special ultra short pulse laser, having two fast response laser beam exits as a beam source. Our employee Dr. Florian Rößler and LHM staff members S. Weinhold, M. Müller and A. Kotsch, got the process running and have demonstrated the principal function of the technology. While the scanners are mutually working in high speeds with several 100 m/s, they are simultaneously creating flat patterns. The usage of the laser beams increases above 90%, when using full-surface processing. The economic use also plays a significant role; as ultrashort pulsed laser beams are particularly cost-intensive. An area of ​​1,500 x 1,800 mm² can be processed in 36 seconds, with a laser power of 300 W. The achievable quality can be seen from the processed panel (see image 4).

We are currently working on a video of the process, which will be presented on our website shorty.

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