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What is a polygon scanner?

In contrast to the galvo scanner with an oscillating mirror, the laser beam deflection in the polygon scanner is handled by a rapidly rotating wheel with several successively acting mirror surfaces. Since the seventies, this technology has shown its efficiency in laser printers.

LIDAR systems also use this interesting technique. The fast rotating wheel leads to an extremely fast deflection of the laser radiation. Depending on the number of mirror surfaces per wheel and the number of revolutions, a certain line frequency results.

The angular velocity of the beam is thus fixed. Depending on the focal length of the optics used, a certain deflection width results and thus a certain deflection speed. The optics thus determine the minimum focus size and the maximum deflection speed.

With the polygon scanner, the entire scan line is always scanned. This is advantageous for large-area irradiation. If only individual areas of a larger surface are to be irradiated, the polygon scanner is rather unsuitable. Due to the edges in the polygon wheel, at which the laser beam must be switched off, the polygon scanner achieves only a certain maximum degree of utilization.

The larger the usable beam diameter in relation to the mirror length, the smaller the degree of utilization for the laser. This can be compensated by a special control option for the laser (burst) or by using 2 parallel laser beams (USP laser).

Polygon scanners are not yet used that often in materials processing. This is also due to the fact that the laser powers to be implemented so far did not necessarily require the ultra-fast deflection. But the available laser powers are continuously increasing!

In the ns range as well as in the UKP range, previous scanning technologies are already reaching their limits. And for the use of low-cost cw lasers, polygon scanners open up completely new fields of application such as ablation cutting, polishing and cleaning. With a fast external beam circuit, it is even possible to perform high-resolution structuring.

So the time of the polygon scanner has just begun. If you want to work not only at 30 m/s but rather at 300 m/s and have the necessary laser power for your process, you should think about polygon scanners. MOEWE is the ideal partner with innovative and smart technology.


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Unique functionality

Patented design and real-time data processing

Double reflection eliminates the fluctuations of the reflection point as a fundamental problem of polygon mirrors. In connection with a time marker and an extremely fast correction of manufacturing tolerances by an integrated FPGA (200 MHz) the polygon scanner system of MOEWE is extremely accurate.

• Patented special optical design for minimal distortion
• Patented real-time data processing through FPGA

For optimal results

Large clear aperture

The free aperture of 30 mm, which is extremely large for a compact polygon scanner with a mass of only 13 kg, allows the use of large laser beam diameters. Thus, very small focus diameters can be achieved. With a focal length of 270 mm, approx. 25 µm are obtained for a single-mode fiber laser in the NIR wavelength range at a scan length of 160 mm. Due to the large beam diameter and because all reflective surfaces only come into contact with moving beams, extremely high laser powers of > 5 kW can be deflected with the MOEWE polygon scanner. With a long focal length of 1,900 mm, scanning lengths of 1,500 mm can be achieved. The focus diameter is then still about 180 µm.

• Size: 30 mm
• Smallest focus spot diameter < 10 µm
• Suitable for high power lasers > 5 KW

Incredibly fast

Scanning speed > 1,000 m/s possible

The scanning speed of polygon scanners is about 30 times higher than that of galvo scanners. With a focal length of 420 mm our MOEWE polygon scanner system reaches a speed of 1,000 m/s at a line frequency of 1,300 Hz. Especially for raster processing, which is necessary anyway, and for continuous area irradiation, the benefit of a polygon scanner is obvious. With the increasing power of ultra-short pulse lasers, ultra-fast beam deflection with polygon scanners is useful to achieve the high productivity that such lasers allow, even at high quality. USP lasers with a single pulse frequency of > 10 MHz can still be precisely controlled with our device. In the laboratory the MOEWE polygon scanner system has already controlled a laser with  60 MHz. This leads to extremely fast machining processes.

• Significant time saving
• Efficient cost reduction
• Larger production volumes

MOEWE Optical Solutions GmbH is your reliable partner for high-quality industrial polygon mirror scanners. These scanners are characterized by a large aperture, compact design and high optical robustness. Due to the full digitalisation of the device, high accuracy and real-time integration into external moving coordinate systems can be offered. Please direct your concrete inquiry to us! We will be glad to help you.

different polygon scanner systems for many applications

2D Polygon Scanner System

PM 100

Application: Surface treatment, Modification, Cleaning, Cutting
Power range: High power > 1 kW
Processing mode: CW + pulsed + utra short pulsed

2D Polygon Scanner System

PM 300

Application: universal (Marking, Microstructuring, Micromachining, LIFT, …)
Power range: Power < 1 kW
Processing mode: CW + pulsed + ultra short pulsed

2,5D Polygon Scanner System

PMS 600

Application: 2,5 D Engraving
Power range: Power < 1 kW; integrated real-time slicer
Processing regime: pulsed + ultra short pulsed


Optics & Photonics International Exhibition in Yokohama, Japan| 24.04. – 26.04.2024

Our partner Taihei Boeki Co. Ltd. exhibits our polygon scanner at the OPIE in Japan. Sensor & Imaging EXPO No. L-38. More info can be found here.

Successful project result

Thanks to a collaboration between MOEWE, the Mittweida-based company ACSYS Lasertechnik GmbH and the Laserinstitut Hochschule Mittweida, a world first has been created as part of the Holumi 3D (GRAVOmer-Verbund) project: the application of fast laser micro-engraving with a polygon scanner in an industrial machine. Click here for more information.

SPIE. Photonics EUROPE | April 09 - April 10,2024 | Strasbourg, FR | Booth 112S

On April 09 and 10, 2024 we will be at SPIE. Photonics Europe Visit our booth 112S and see our polygon scanner live on site. We are looking forward to your visit! You can find more information about the trade fair here..

HLH-funk project Kick-off

Under the leadership of MOEWE, the project is being carried out together with ACSYS Lasertechnik GmbH, the Laserinstitut Hochschule Mittweida and Fusion Bionic. HLH-funk combines DLIP and polygon scanner technologies. This can significantly increase the productivity of laser structuring processes! The project paves the way for the economical, industry-compatible production of microstructured functional surfaces for a wide range of applications. We are very pleased about the cooperation.

MOEWE opens branch office in Dresden

To further strengthen our collaboration with Fusion Bionic on current and new projects, we recently opened an office at the Fusion Bionic site in Dresden. We are delighted about this step and the in-depth and continuous exchange on innovative approaches in laser processing. The picture shows our Head of Research and Development, Dr. Florian Rößler, together with Fusion Bionic CTO Sabri Alamri.

Bionic Laser Forum | November 29, 2023 | Dresden | 13:00 - 17:00

On November 29, 2023, Fusion Bionic opens its doors in Dresden, Germany, to host the 1st Bionic Laser Forum, bringing together experts and enthusiasts from industry and research to talk about bio-inspired solutions and their technological implementation using laser technology. Our Polygon scanner will be presented by our R&D coordinator Dr. Florian Rößler.

Mittweidaer Lasertagung in Mittweida, Germany| 08.11..- 09.11.2023

The 13th Mittweida Laser Conference will take place on 08.11. & 09.11.2023 and is organized by the Laserinstitut Hochschule Mittweida and the Hochschule Mittweida. Our head of research Dr. Florian Rößler will give a lecture on “Highly dynamic laser technology for ultra-fast and precise microtexturing of three-dimensional surfaces” on 09.11.23 from 11:00 – 11:20 a.m., together with our managing director Prof. Dr. André Streek and Christian Mikley.

Location: House 5 / 5-120








New speed record in laser cleaning

IPG Laser GmbH is a manufacturer of cleaning lasers. These have an enormously high pulse power of greater than one megawatt and a square process spot. Often they are guided by hand. On the initiative of MOEWE, IPG has now for the first time realized such a laser with a power of 6 / 3 kW and tailored it to the requirements of a fast polygon scanner. In particular, a special burst regime allows the entire laser beam power of 3 kW to be used in the process, which is otherwise not possible. With the PM 100, MOEWE is the only company worldwide to offer a polygon scanner for such a high laser power. SITA Messtechnik GmbH can demonstrate the cleaning effect with its measuring device. Click the button to read further.

Aperam Ventures invests in Moewe Optical Solutions GmbH

Aperam, a global player in stainless steel, electrical steel and specialty steel, has invested in our company, Moewe Optical Solutions GmbH, since 2021. Aperam supports bold founders and high-performing teams with its venture capital fund “Aperam Ventures”.

As a strategic investor, Aperam looks for companies that can simultaneously support the growth trajectory of Aperam itself, in addition to building meaningful and impactful relationships with exceptional entrepreneurs.

MOEWE RealtimeSync-Technology

In collaboration with Laserinstitut Hochschule Mittweida and our partner Edgewave GmbH, we were able to show for the first time, the increase of speed during laser processing, through the intelligent linking of polygon scanners.

To do so, we invented and patented a special controlling system, having the scanners work perfectly in tune with each other.

Fusion Bionic and MOEWE initiate closer collaboration

Fusion Bionic, a spin-off from Fraunhofer IWS, is happy to announce the start of a strategic cooperation with MOEWE Optical Solutions GmbH, a leading manufacturer of polygon-based laser microprocessing systems.

Both companies are joining forces to enable ultra-high-speed systems for surface processing and functionalization.

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